You Might Be a Coffee Snob If…

Your baby’s first word is “latte.” You heat your baby’s bottle with the steam wand from your espresso machine. You know how much a hill of beans costs, where they were grown, and how long it would take to roast them. You know more about the pedigree of your beans than your dog. You only […]

Top 3 Ways to Re-use Your Coffee Grounds

According to the latest figures from the World Resources Institute over 7 million tons of coffee is consumed around the world each year. In the UK the average person uses 2.8kg, in the USA 4.2kg, but Finland comes top with a whopping 12kg per person. Consumption of 7 million tons of coffee will produce an […]

Making Lampshades and Flowers With Used Coffee Filters

Here on INeedCoffee we are always interested in seeing what artistic things can be created using coffee. We have three different galleries by different artists that have used coffee grounds to create amazing artwork.¬†Vilma Silveira Farrell takes a different path. Instead of using the coffee grounds, she takes used coffee filters to make her artwork. […]

Latte Lingo

Have you ever gone into a coffee shop and stared at the gigantic menu of fine print wishing they would just write it in plain English? Well, I hope I can help! How about a crash course in Italian & French? If that sounds like too much work, we’ll just stick to the latte lingo […]

Candy, Flowers… and Coffee?

Coffee rarely seems to wind up on lists of aphrodisiac beverages, yet it seems to play a significant role in the love lives of many people. Although there is little written about the subject, it should come as no surprise that a beverage that is incorporated into many a daily ritual can leave its mark […]

20 Amazing Facts about Coffee

I can’t remember the last time I started my day without my daily cup of coffee. I stumble out of bed every morning and drag my body to my coffee maker, brew myself a cup and then, only then do I really feel alive enough to start my day. So deep is my love for […]

5 Ways to Make Your Coffee Habit More Sustainable

1. Use a thermal coffee carafe Many drip coffee makers have warming plates designed to keep coffee warm for hours. What these plates really do is a) burn your coffee and b) burn your wallet. One Computer World writer said his warming plate consumes nearly 1,000 watts of electricity while powered on. These plates also […]