Coffee Poetry

My Coffee, My Book and Me

A misty, rainy morning and
it’s back to bed for me.
My coffee drips invitingly.
My current book lies dog-eared
at stopping place,
from last personal quality time.
What else can I do
but plump my pillows
and climb in?
You would too.
With hot libation,
and mental laxation,
peace is mine.

heavenly latte art
Latte Art Etching

Air Freshener

Brown bubbles skate across
the smooth, scalding surface,
and cluster at the lip
of the hot mug of dark brew.
They jostle each other,
and murmur steamy coffee stories.
Each anxious
to be the first to burst,
and flick her rich, pungent scent
into the crisp, clean air
of early morning.

(c)1999 Holland Writing & Publishing “My Coffee, My Book and Me” from Sweet Aromas “Air Freshener” from Rich Flavors

Sandi J. Holland

Sandi J. Holland has been writing non-fiction and poetry for 30+ years. She first started writing for I Need Coffee in 2002, and has been published in:
Midwest Poetry Review, SA-De Books (defunct), and Poetry Motel. She is also a crafter and artist, and enjoys motivating others. Ms. Holland lives in northeast Florida and is working on several books to be published through CreateSpace.