Coffee Gift Wrap Paper and Bags

In this article you will learn how to make your own hand-designed coffee wrapping paper, to make your great gift ideas even better.

Supplies Needed to Make the Coffee Wrapping Paper

  • White paper sack, white craft or postal paper or white gift bag
  • Craft paint of your choice
  • Unused (new) coffee grounds
  • Fresh-brewed coffee or soaked coffee grounds, enough to drip onto paper in a random pattern
  • Rubber stamps of your choice
  • Wide flat aluminum or foam pan to hold paint
  • Brayer to spread paint in a flat layer or brush to brush paint onto rubber stamps
  • Gel pen or marker in color of your choice
  • Elmer’s glue

Coffee Gift Wrapping Paper Instructions

Gently pull apart the paper bag and flatten, or cut craft paper to size desired. Lay centered on a flat surface. Drip coffee over paper, allowing it to splash/splatter. Do not rinse, drain or otherwise remove puddles of coffee. This ensures that your splash patterns will dry distinctly.

When dry, if you want more splashes, repeat process, dripping more coffee onto paper and allowing to dry.

coffee on white paper
Step 1 for the Coffee Wrapping Paper

Once satisfied with pattern, spread paint in pan or dip brush in paint. Press rubber stamp into paint or coat with paint from brush and begin to apply pattern to paper. Allow to dry.

rubber stamp bean pattern
Rubber stamped bean pattern (step 2)

A second color can be used in same stamp pattern or a different stamp. Decorate with speckles from paint flicked from brush or decorative brayer-rolled pattern.

Brayer rolled speckle pattern
Brayer rolled speckle pattern (step 3)

Project Suggestions

  1. Stamp in spaces between your coffee splotches. Load stamp with paint and start in center of your paper with first stamping.
  2. Stamp a second or third time moving outward to the sides of the paper, making a lighter impression as you move outward.
  3. Stamping a balanced but semi-random pattern is easier. Finish your project with a third process, such as paint splatters flicked on from a brush, rolled on with a decorative brayer, or highlight areas of your pattern with a gel metallic pen.

Coffee Decorated White Paper Sack

Coffee Decorated White Paper Sack
Coffee Decorated White Paper Sack

To do this: dip a mug into coffee and press onto sack, making coffee rings. Apply coffeepot and mug using rubber stamps. Draw first coffee stream using brown marker. Draw second coffee steam with glue and sprinkle with coffee grounds. Draw circles over selected coffee rings with metallic gel marker.

White Gift Bag

White Gift Bag with coffee grounds, beans and watercolors
White Gift Bag with coffee grounds, beans and watercolors.

To do this: draw a bush with glue and sprinkle with coffee grounds. When dry, glue coffee beans to selected branches. Paint mountains design.

Sandi J. Holland

Sandi J. Holland has been writing non-fiction and poetry for 30+ years. She first started writing for I Need Coffee in 2002, and has been published in:
Midwest Poetry Review, SA-De Books (defunct), and Poetry Motel. She is also a crafter and artist, and enjoys motivating others. Ms. Holland lives in northeast Florida and is working on several books to be published through CreateSpace.