Coffee Mugs of Coffee Fanatics Part 2

As soon as we released Coffee Mugs of Coffee Fanatics, Both INeedCoffee and Paul over at the Caffination podcast received more mug submissions. I really didn’t expect to have a Part 2 so soon. Without further introduction, below are more Coffee Mugs of Coffee Fanatics.

Alex Scofield, Cape Cod

Alex writes: During a transitional stage in life, this is my go-to mug. My wife and I moved from the Washington, D.C. area to Cape Cod several months ago. Ordinarily, I drink my coffee from a 20-oz. mug with the old-school New England Patriots logo on it. But that mug, like so many of our belongings, remains in storage as we look for a more permanent place to live. In the meantime, this mug does the trick — it may not be a design I’d pick out for myself, but it’s pretty appropriate for the Cape. More importantly, it also holds 20 ounces of coffee.

alex scofield mug
Alex’s Mug

Ryan Jacobs, Columbus

Ryan writes: My travel mug fits perfectly in my car, allows for great flavor since it is ceramic and gets cleaned without leaving soapy residue. The only complaint is that the handle is a bit awkward.

ryan mug
Ryan’s Mug

Mike Rohde,

Mike writes: This favorite mug was given to me on Father’s Day 2007, featuring a photo of my son Nathan and I in matching yellow shirts. This is a favorite for enjoying a cappuccino, alternating with my Penguin mug.

Mike Mug
Mike’s Mug

Mike has more favorite mugs which can be viewed on his Flickr Coffee Stuff Set.

Geoff Manning,

Geoff had the Daddy Rockstar mug made at the Cafe Press store for his Daddy Rockstar blog.

Daddy Rockstar
Daddy Rockstar Mug

Michael Long, Michael’s technology News

Michael writes: The story behind this mug is that it’s my favorite mug. I like it because it also comes with a heated warmer (not shown) that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car/truck.

Michael Long’s Mug

Michael Allen Smith

Michael Allen Smith fell in love with coffee while attending college. Shortly after graduating college, he found himself in the Tampa Bay area far away from the good coffee he had at The Ohio State University. That is when he starting home roasting coffee. Less than a year later in April 1999, he launched the coffee website has been going strong ever since with hundreds of articles and tutorials submitted by over one hundred contributors.

In 2007, Michael moved to America's coffee capitol Seattle, Washington. He has visited close to three hundred different coffee places in Seattle, Portland,Vancouver and San Francisco and met many of the top roasters and baristas in the country. Since 2009, Michael has been the Organizer of the Coffee Club of Seattle, which is a Meetup group of over 800 coffee enthusiasts. Besides the social aspect of the group, the Coffee Club of Seattle partners with local coffee professionals for educational events such as coffee cuppings, brewing demonstrations and roasting tours.

Unrelated to coffee, Michael has a personal blog at which covers several topics including fitness, cooking and economics.

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