Starbucks Coffee College

This post was originally written in May 2010. One of the perks of running a coffee website is that I will on occasion get invited to coffee related events. Being in Seattle helps too. Most are for new coffee offerings and product launches. This spring I received the most interesting invitation to date: Starbucks was […]

Pour Over Coffee Using the Nee Coffee Dripper

The Nee Coffee Dripper is a porcelain manual coffee brewer. If you are looking for a simple way to make a single cup of coffee this brewer might be right for you. To make pour over coffee you will need a kettle to heat water and #2 size paper filter. I also recommend a kitchen […]

Cold Brew Coffee is Not Rocket Science

It is that time of year again when coffee shops start selling over-priced cold brewed coffee. Paying $4 or $5 for a cup of cold brewed coffee is ridiculous once you know how easy it is to make your own. Cold brewing a coffee concentrate is not rocket science. Place ground coffee in contact with […]

Make Your Own Genmaicha Tea

I’m a coffee drinker that also loves tea. When I chat with other coffee drinkers they often don’t share my love for tea. One of the big reasons I believe is that often their only experience is with low grade bagged tea or that dreadful Genmaicha tea served at many sushi restaurants. In a future […]

The Coffee Avocado Shake

About a month ago I was at a potluck and a woman from the Philippines brought a pitcher of full of “avocado shakes”. The shake was made of blended avocados with added coffee. At first I was skeptical that the combination of avocado and coffee would taste good together. But it did. It tasted really […]

Making Coffee With the Cowboy Joe Coffee Brewer

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Cowboy Joe Coffee Brewer. The Cowboy Joe is a single cup plastic coffee brewer with a hole in the bottom that takes a standard 8-12 cup basket coffee filter. A plastic plug is placed inside a drain hole to allow the coffee to steep. Once the brew is complete, […]

Making Lampshades and Flowers With Used Coffee Filters

Here on INeedCoffee we are always interested in seeing what artistic things can be created using coffee. We have three different galleries by different artists that have used coffee grounds to create amazing artwork. Vilma Silveira Farrell takes a different path. Instead of using the coffee grounds, she takes used coffee filters to make her artwork. […]