Eva Solo Coffee Brewing Tutorial

When I tell people that my favorite rich coffee brewing method – other than espresso – is the Eva Solo, they usually don’t know what I am talking about. The Eva Solo is also known as a Cafe Solo. What is the Eva Solo? It brews like an upside down french press with a fine […]

Espresso Tamping Visual Tutorial

If you wish to consistently make great espresso, you will need to have an excellent tamp. This visual tutorial will serve as an initial guide to get you started. Follow the steps below and practice. With practice your espresso shots will get better and better. Excellent form and consistency is your goal. Let’s get started. You […]

Coffee Gear That Won’t Break the Bank

Making great coffee at home is something that should be easy and inexpensive. With the right equipment and our Coffee Brewing Guide it is. A few months ago I created a list on Amazon called Essential Coffee Gear. I described the list as great coffee gear that won’t break the bank. In this article, I’d […]

A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Tea

I never had much respect for tea. I enjoyed the beverage, but it didn’t hold my interest like coffee. That all changed in September 2007. I went to a tea shop in Seattle and tried several teas. Not the boring Earl Grey or the herbal crap, but real high quality loose leaf tea. I got to […]

Troubleshooting French Press Coffee

This article is an expansion of a troubleshooting table inside the French Press Tutorial. I’ve brewed a lot of coffee in my French Press. Along the way I’ve developed a checklist of steps to take to improve the taste. There are variables that are easy to correct and some that take a little tweaking. Before you start tweaking, […]

French Press Tutorial

Of all the different coffee brewing methods, the one I’ve used the most has been the French Press. Also known as a press pot, the French Press is a simple way to make a rich delicious cup of coffee. The French Press is a low tech portable coffee brewing method. Let hot water steep over […]

The Quantified Coffee Drinker

Seems like every month or so, someone sends me a link to some health study involving coffee. I used to read them, but I don’t anymore. People have been drinking coffee for a very long time. A simple observation will tell you we coffee drinkers are not dropping dead like smokers or outliving the non-coffee […]

Brewing Coffee With the Coffee Sock

This summer I received what has to be the most simple coffee brewing method I’ve ever seen. It is a sock attached to a wire. Not just any sock though. The Coffee Sock is a tight knitted sock that is perfect for coffee brewing. I don’t go camping, but if I did this would be an […]