What Flavor Are You? Your Preference in Coffee Says a Lot About You

Do you like a foamy dainty cup of the steaming delight, or can’t say no to a tall hot mug of black coffee in the morning? Even scientists agree, your choice of beverage says a lot about your personality, mood and behavior. Those who like their latte sweet are friendly and caring by nature while those who think a foamy latte is their favorite tend to have a strong opinion on everything they care about. So what’s your style and what does your favorite cup of coffee say about you? Here are my thoughts on the subject. And yes, this is just my personal opinion and observation and is not based on any scientific research for study!


You like your coffee frothy, milky and in real life too, you enjoy the little pleasures of life to their fullest. Cappuccino is usually the first type of coffee that people start with, and many religiously end up having it as their morning essential. Cappuccino drinkers also like to soften the bitterness of coffee and don’t always care about themselves and instead go out of the way for others.

Cito Cappuccino by INeedCoffee


Your no-nonsense, purist and sensible personality sets you apart. Just like your coffee, you are straight-forward, patient and efficient and like to keep things simple at all times. Sometimes you can be resistant to change and even act moody and abrupt at times.

Street Bean Espresso by INeedCoffee


One of the most-loved forms of coffee, latte is highly preferred and latte-lovers are great friends and fun to be with. They are also known to be generous with their time.

latte etching
Latte Art Etching by INeedCoffee


Mocha is a close cousin of both coffee and hot chocolate. Mocha drinkers are perfectionists, trendsetters and spontaneous. Mocha has a sweet and bitter chocolaty flavor and people who regard mocha as their favorite flavor of coffee also like the blend of sweet and bitter in their lives.

Cafe Cuzco Mocha by INeedCoffee

Latte Macchiato

Strong, distinct and intense, latte Macchiato is an experimental blend of coffee that partners richness and originality all in one. Latte macchiato is an unconventional choice of coffee and is a lot like original bitter black coffee. If that’s what you order, it depicts a strong, headfast and purist personality.

Macchiato in Seoul by MAS


You love to aim high and have high aspirations from life. Your choice of pure and honest flavors is evident in your personality as well.

Americano in Thailand by INeedCoffee

Interesting results, don’t you agree? So next time you are in the mood for coffee, just stop and think for a minute – do you order your coffee or does your coffee order you? Try out the diverse flavors of the world’s most loved beverage at your home today.

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