The Quantified Coffee Drinker

Seems like every month or so, someone sends me a link to some health study involving coffee. I used to read them, but I don’t anymore. People have been drinking coffee for a very long time. A simple observation will tell you we coffee drinkers are not dropping dead like smokers or outliving the non-coffee […]

Coffee Meth Myth?

What the Internet sorely needs these days is a paranoia-inducing urban myth. A year ago, one struck close to home for many coffee-drinking travelers. NBC affiliate TV stations in Memphis, Tenn. and Huntsville, Ala. ran nearly identical news stories in early 2007 that said hotel room coffee pots are sometimes used to make methamphetamine. The […]

Coffee Can Help You Land a Job, Get a Date, and Win a Race

Coffee is a fascinating beverage because it is so interwoven into our culture, our lifestyles, and our ability to achieve our potential as human beings. Now wait a minute! Isn’t that last claim taking the coffee debate a little too far: coffee as an elixir for human potential? Well, coffee, in and of itself, is […]

A Month Without Coffee

I did it. I went an entire month without coffee. No coffee and no decaf either. I didn’t even consume coffee ice cream. And somehow I survived, although at times I didn’t think I would make it. You see I have had a very strong relationship with coffee. Even before INeedCoffee was launched in 1999, […]