Six Tips For Overcoming Coffee Addiction

How to Quit Drinking Coffee

If you are like hundreds of thousands of people across the country then you are struggling with an addiction to coffee and would like to kick the habit. Beating your Java addiction will not be easy and will probably take you several attempts. I had been drinking coffee since the age of 12 and finally kicked the habit twenty years later. To do this I implemented a number of simple techniques which you will learn here.

#1 Have the right mental attitude

If you are in the stages of just contemplating your desire to stop drinking coffee then the task in front of you might seem very daunting indeed. Perhaps you have tried to quit in the past and have failed. What you should keep in mind is that overcoming your addiction is possible as many people do it every day. In your quest to stop drinking coffee mind over matter applies greatly.

#2 Avoid quitting cold turkey

One technique which many people use to quit coffee is to simply stop drinking it all at once. I do not recommend this method. The reason is that you will have increased symptoms of withdrawal such as insomnia, anxiety and headaches. Furthermore, you also run the risk of consuming too much coffee should you have binge drinking session.

#3 Cut back gradually

If you drink five cups of coffee per day then you can start by cutting down to four. Once you get used to this level then try to cut down to three then two then one or zero. I like this method of cutting back slowly because it does not cause any shock to your system and you will suffer much less from the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

#4 Make a cup of weaker coffee

There is nothing more delicious and invigorating than a nice cup of strong coffee in the morning. However, if you are looking to nip your coffee drinking habit in the bud then one thing you can do is to add less coffee when preparing your cup. For example, if you are used to adding three tablespoons per cup then why not try adding two heaping tablespoons and gradually cut back from there. While your coffee will be weaker you can still maintain the taste to a certain degree by using high-quality coffee.

#5 Stop buying coffee for your home

Another great idea is to simply stop purchasing coffee when you go to the supermarket. By not bringing coffee into your home you will be in a much better position to overcome your addiction. One great idea is to stop drinking coffee at home but only drink it occasionally when you are outside with friends. The benefit to this is that you will appreciate your occasional cup of coffee much more than your regular morning cups.

#6 Find good substitutes

The morning cup of coffee is a cherished ritual for many people. There is nothing more comforting than sipping a hot beverage upon waking up. One thing that you can do is to find a good substitute. Many people use either fruit juice or tea as an alternative. One technique which I knew to use every day is to prepare a cup of strong black tea with two Lipton tea bags. After I finish steeping the tea I add two teaspoons of sugar and a generous amount of milk. The sugar and milk help ease the tea’s acidity and make it very delicious. Furthermore, I am still able to get my much-needed caffeine fix.

strong tea
Strong tea made using 2 bags of Lipton

I hope that you have found these suggestions for quitting drinking coffee helpful. You will discover that by quitting gradually and that by finding good substitutions and only drinking coffee occasionally you will feel much healthier and happier.

David I

David I

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