Starbucks Coffee College

This post was originally written in May 2010. One of the perks of running a coffee website is that I will on occasion get invited to coffee related events. Being in Seattle helps too. Most are for new coffee offerings and product launches. This spring I received the most interesting invitation to date: Starbucks was […]

Daily Coffee Drinker? 3 Ways to “Green” Your Routine

Did you have a cup of coffee yesterday? If you’re an American over the age of 18, then the answer is probably ‘yes.’ That’s because 54% of adults drink coffee every day in this country [1]. Which is completely understandable: it’s delicious, it wakes us up, and we’re totally addicted. Here’s another question: did you use […]

How Climate Change Is Affecting Our Coffee

Extreme weather patterns caused by climate change are having a dramatic affect on coffee production throughout the world. Rising temperatures, increased rainfall and the proliferation of pests have all played their part in destroying coffee plantations in almost every coffee-producing nation across the globe. For many of us living in the western world, the tangible […]

7 Easy Tricks to Make Your Coffee More Eco-Friendly

Coffee is among the most popular drinks in the world, if not the most popular drink in the world. Unfortunately all of those coffee drinkers are unknowingly taking a pretty toll on the environment. Just think about how many coffee drinkers there are in the US. Imagine the coffee shops, office coffee makers, home coffee […]

Kona Coffee Confusion

I forgot the exact dollar amount, but I recall during college a friend telling me they got a full pound of Hawaiian Kona coffee at price that seemed too good to be true. I looked at the bag and sure enough it had a picture of Hawaii, a Kona label and then I saw the […]

Coffee Price Economics

Coffee is an interesting thing. Aside from the aroma, flavor and allure of a good cup, understanding some things about coffee economics can be its own interesting lesson. If nothing else it (the stunning economics lesson to follow) will hopefully help you understand some of the things that help determine the price of the coffee […]

Intelligentsia iPhone App Review

If you haven’t heard of Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters out of Chicago, you probably aren’t a Coffee Geek. Many Coffee Geeks may have even broken in their first real espresso machine on the famous Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso blend. Started in 1997, they offer a very compelling look at espresso, roasting, coffee, and the people who grow […]

Calculating the Cost Per Cup of Tea

John D. Rockefeller is universally know as one of the best business people of all time and was recently named the wealthiest person of all time. He revolutionized the petroleum business by understanding exactly how much everything costs in his business. It is said that he could tell you the cost to refine oil down […]