Make Your Own Genmaicha Tea

I’m a coffee drinker that also loves tea. When I chat with other coffee drinkers they often don’t share my love for tea. One of the big reasons I believe is that often their only experience is with low grade bagged tea or that dreadful Genmaicha tea served at many sushi restaurants. In a future […]

A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Tea

I never had much respect for tea. I enjoyed the beverage, but it didn’t hold my interest like coffee. That all changed in September 2007. I went to a tea shop in Seattle and tried several teas. Not the boring Earl Grey or the herbal crap, but real high quality loose leaf tea. I got to […]

Home Roasting Oolong Tea

A tea that many coffee drinkers like is roasted oolong. It shares some similar characteristics with coffee, such as nuttiness with a rich body. And just like coffee, how long the tea is roasted will greatly influence its taste. Last year I decided to experiment with roasting my own oolong tea. After all, I’ve been […]

Toasted Mate and Rooibos

I’m something of a beverage fanatic. I just finished off a pot of Dragon Well green tea. I’ve got a freshly roasted batch of Puerto Rican coffee here. I’m going to drink some tomorrow, even though I should probably let it sit longer. But even though my cupboard is largely dedicated to green tea and […]

Coffee and Tea Tasting Notes For Beginners

When you attend your first coffee or tea tasting, it can seem overwhelming. How do you take notes describing flavors that are difficult at first to detect or that you don’t even have the vocabulary to describe? Something I’ve noticed about all the coffee and tea tastings is that the flavor descriptions communicated to the […]

Red Espresso is Espresso Style Rooibos

I recently received something interesting to review. It is a product called Red Espresso. Red Espresso is a finely ground rooibos, which can be used to make a concentrated “espresso.” Before I begin the review, let us bring everyone up to speed on what rooibos is. Rooibos is not a coffee – nor, technically, is […]