Portland Coffee Roundup 2015

The following summary is written as a follow up the Portland Espresso Vacation entry published by Michael Allen Smith in October 2010 and updated in 2014. This selection of noteworthy Portland cafes includes some destinations previously featured on I Need Coffee, as well as a few businesses that are new. Background I am a fifth […]

Ristr8to Coffee in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wanderlust. The indelible desire to strike out, leave behind what has been and discover what is – what can be. It struck me some time ago, and earlier this year, I threw all caution to the wind and set out on my journey. I sold most of my possessions. I got rid of my apartment. […]

Common Grounds Coffee in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Outside of the Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs and McCafes, most of the places that served espresso during my month trip through Southeast Asia were little more than kiosks. Few stood as fancy. One cafe that did impress me was Common Grounds in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This was a warm, inviting and comfortable coffee […]

Portland Espresso Vacation

Once Mark Prince over at CoffeeGeek published his guide to the best micro roasters and cafes in Portland, all I had to do was book a hotel and drive south. There is a tradition in travel literature where the traveler will try and retrace the steps of the author. Do a regular vacation or you […]

5 Espresso Saturday in Victoria, BC

Last Saturday, I took my first trip to Victoria, BC. Because I live in Seattle, I can ride the Victoria Clipper and be there in just 3 hours. Three hours up and three hours back, with plenty of time in between to explore the emerging coffee scene in Victoria. The odds of getting five excellent […]

Vancouver Espresso Vacation

This Espresso Vacation took place in May 2009 with an update which took place on a second visit in May 2012. Memorial Day Weekend was approaching so I decided it would be an ideal time to take off on a little vacation. Where should I go? Since it was almost summer, I decided a return […]

Coffee on the Road – Montreal

In many ways, Montreal feels like a European city in North America. French is the predominantly spoken language in town, although the cultural barrier for an English-speaking tourist is modest. Many people here are at least bilingual, and meeting somebody who is trilingual is not in the least bit uncommon. The most comparable city in […]