How Did Elvis Like His Coffee?

Even though Elvis was better known for his love of Pepsi, he was a coffee fan. In 2008, Elvis researcher Adam Victor came out with The Elvis Encyclopedia. It could very well be the definitive Elvis research book. So how did Elvis take his coffee? According to the book (p 172 Food): At breakfast time […]

Bad Bob Interview

This article was written in December 2000, when the 2nd version of INeedCoffee was launched. INeedCoffee, like many websites, is considered by its creators to be a perpetual work in progress. Change is a constant, and those of you who have visited for some time now have certainly noticed changes in content, functionality, and appearance. […]

The Local Cafe: Van Gogh Coffeehouse, Seattle

The door is a little clunky – it’s an unassuming glass/metal door – hanging from the inside is a leather strip with several large jingle bells attached. The all glass front makes the entire space feel more open, which helps as it is a rather small cafe. So walking in is always the same sensation […]

Roasting Coffee: Conduit Coffee Roasters Seattle

Visiting a coffee roaster is an amazing opportunity to widen the coffee experience. At Conduit Coffee Roasters, Jesse has the bags of green coffee stored in the same room that he roasts – a tiny room of perhaps 60 square feet, but with tall 15 foot ceilings. He has in the ‘entrance’ to the room […]

Mike Rohde: Coffee Achiever

Editor Note: This coffee profile was published in December 2008. An update on Mike’s book The Sketchnote Handbook was added in December 2012. When Mike Rohde was 5 years old, he spilled hot coffee on himself at his grandmother’s house. It was an unlikely introduction to the beverage for the Wisconsin-based visual designer who created […]

Meeting The Roaster: Arne Holt of Caffé Calabria

Turning San Diego into a coffee capital, one roast at a time. “Roasting coffee is a culinary art,” says Arne Holt, owner of Caffé Calabria in North Park. With ten different blends sold to 150 grocery stores and cafes, Arne runs not only a wholesale roasting company, but a popular cafe. Arne started out with […]

The Coffee Song

I thought I was a Frank Sinatra fan, but somehow this tune escaped me. Back in 1946, Frank Sinatra sang The Coffee Song. Bob Hilliard wrote the lyrics and Dick Miles did the music. The Coffee Song as performed by Frank Sinatra. Way down among Brazilians Coffee beans grow by the billions So they’ve got […]