My Coffee Tis of Thee – America’s Patriotic Coffee History

It is not stretching the truth to say that coffee played an important role in the founding of this country. From its introduction to European culture, coffee had been considered synonymous with intellectual discourse. Because of the connection between coffee and politics, it is perhaps the most important drink for American history. Founding Fathers at […]

The History of Instant Coffee

We all have seen and possibly used instant coffee sometime in our life, but have you ever wondered where this dark, mysterious, water soluble powder gained its popularity? Some might snub their noses at it today, but it has proved to us in the past that it is always ready when we need it most! […]

Celebrity Coffee Commercials

Recently, I was feeling a little nostalgic and trying to remember the jingle from the Chock full o’ Nuts coffee commercial from the 1970’s. My mom used to add coffee to my milk when I was a kid because I loved the taste so much. My love affair with coffee still continues today. I love […]

One Thousand and one Words about Turkish Coffee

A Best Friend And here it sits in front of me my little demitasse cup of bittersweet dark crown mud, my addiction, the best friend of my every lonely night when everyone on earth seems to be asleep and I have to stay up sharp to work, like tonight typing my thousand and one words […]

Before There Was Tea, There Was Coffee

The era of English coffeehouses For almost 100 years, coffee was the hot beverage of choice in England, and, unlike the English family’s tea of the last 200 years, it was not consumed at the breakfast table or indeed at any other time or place in the home. Instead, from about the mid-1600s through the […]

The History of Greek-Style Frappe

According to popular legend, the Greek-style frappe was invented in September 1957 at the annual Thessaloniki International Fair in the convention center of Greece’s second largest city. Working at an exhibit for Andreas Dritsas, then the Greek distributor of Nestle products, sales representative Dimitrios Vakondios made an important discovery. Reportedly there was no hot water […]

Hawaiian Coffee

The Hawaiian islands conjure up visions of paradise. But that is not all. The coffee lover also knows that coffee from Hawaii is known for it’s high praise, accompanied by an equally high price. Hawaiian coffees are the only coffees grown in the United States (sorry, Puerto Rico is a territory). Although many think of […]

The Story of the Bialetti Moka Express

Alongside and connected to the rise of Italian fascism came a revolution in the drinking habits of the Italian public. It might sound peculiar, but what has become known as THE Italian way to brew coffee in the home, Moka Pot (or Stovetop Espresso) Brewing is linked to the social, technological and economic changes that […]