The History of Instant Coffee

We all have seen and possibly used instant coffee sometime in our life, but have you ever wondered where this dark, mysterious, water soluble powder gained its popularity? Some might snub their noses at it today, but it has proved to us in the past that it is always ready when we need it most! […]

You Might Be a Coffee Snob If…

Your baby’s first word is “latte.” You heat your baby’s bottle with the steam wand from your espresso machine. You know how much a hill of beans costs, where they were grown, and how long it would take to roast them. You know more about the pedigree of your beans than your dog. You only […]

Coffee Cultures: Eritrea and Ethiopia

In Eritrea (pronounced er-ih-TRAY-uh), coffee is not merely something that starts on a timer and brews into to-go cups, but it is a ceremony, a ritual, a meaningful time to sit down with friends and family to chat. Many Americans have such fast paced lives that they miss out on so many important things, like […]

Coffee and Your Health

You would be hard pressed to find another beverage besides coffee whose health benefits or concerns are more controversial. It seems with each passing year, coffee is hailed as either medicine or poison, but this year it seems the findings have been positive. Let’s take a look at a few recent conclusions. Coffee May Prevent […]

Latte Lingo

Have you ever gone into a coffee shop and stared at the gigantic menu of fine print wishing they would just write it in plain English? Well, I hope I can help! How about a crash course in Italian & French? If that sounds like too much work, we’ll just stick to the latte lingo […]

Costa Rica Coffee History

Seeing the lush, green valleys and beautiful mountains of Costa Rica from the air as we were landing in San Jose’ was not even the tip of the iceberg concerning the richness of this country. Home to roughly 5% of the world’s biodiversity and having the most number of species per 10,000 sq km in […]

The Clever Coffee Dripper

Do you like the full bodied bold taste of a French press but not the sediment at the bottom of the cup? Do you like the grit free, clean taste of your filter brewed coffee, but wish it had more body or that you could make one cup at a time? The Clever Dripper is […]

The Phoenix Coffee Crawl

This coffee crawl took place in January 2010. What is better than visiting one awesome coffee shop? Visiting five, right in a row! My Aunt Jackie and I had the pleasure last month of participating in a Phoenix area “Coffee Crawl” and it was a blast. It was organized by Luis Till and Brian Clemens, […]