Myron Joshua

Myron Joshua grew up on Chocolate Milk with the gurgling of his mother’s Folgers being percolated in the background. At age 18 while living on a Kibbutz in Israel he learned to drink “cafe botz” (Cooked turkish coffee) in the communal dining hall before going to the fields at 5:30 am. From then it was 30 years of instant coffee (no sugar, no milk) until someone poured him a cup of brewed Sumatran. Now he grinds his own beans before going to work at his office in Kibbutz Kfar Etzion.

Preparing coffee

In a recent article in the Jerusalem Post, the Israeli English Language daily, Herb Keinon writes about “Culture in a Cup”, the growth of coffee shop culture in Israel during […]

Saul Bellow: Coffee Achiever

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