Spanish Coffee

“Spanish coffee” is essentially a mix of hard liquor, coffee and heavy whipped cream. The preparation and presentation can be simple or an entertaining show of fire. In Austin Texas, several bars serve a simple form of Spanish coffee composed of a shot of brandy on the bottom, black coffee in the middle, and whipped […]

Housing and the Coffee Shop Economic Indicator

Back in January of this year, Herb Greenberg made headlines by discovering a new leading economic indicator at his favorite Chinese restaurant. He called it the Hot-and-Sour soup indicator, apparently named after his favorite menu item. Herb is a regular at the Chinese restaurants near his San Diego home and the local staff was not […]

McDonalds Should Buy Starbucks

This article was released in August 2008. The Starbucks stock price topped out near $40 per share twice in 2006, but has been steadily falling since that double top formation, and now sits at around $14.40 per share. By many accounts 2006 was also the peak of the housing bubble, and leaky home values have […]