Espresso Pumpkin Pie

I always get a craving for pumpkin pie as soon as the first leaves start turning colors or the first crisp autumn breeze turns my cheeks red. This year, I took my old pumpkin pie recipe and expanded upon it and improved it by adding espresso. It’s a simple recipe using canned pumpkin. The purist […]

Mexican Coffee With White Tequila

Tony works at La Gondola restaurant in Rosarita, Mexico, which is located in the area of Mexico known as Baja California. This little bar, with an Italian name, is near the beach where the salt water breeze blows in from the ocean. All the tourists come by inquiring about the different tequilas, and Tony has […]

Coffee as a Natural Dye

Coffee is a natural dye, though it is used very infrequently any more for this purpose. However, it is perfect for creating an artificial antique or aged effect. In this article, I’ll describe my recent use of coffee to dye a feather and a cotton shirt in order to achieve an aged effect. Dying an […]

Cleaning Your Burr Grinder

Before you read this article, determine whether you really need to clean your burr grinder. Most people don’t drink enough coffee to notice a performance hit on the grinder. Don’t mess with the metal parts of the grinder unless you need to. If all you want to do is make the plastic parts shiny, focus […]

Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee or Tea

Have you noticed that most followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) commonly called Mormons, don’t drink coffee or tea? You’ll see them enjoying herbal teas (tisanes), hot cider, and many true believers even drink caffeinated soda. The casual observer may jump to the conclusion that this is 1) a […]

Tiramisu For Espresso Lovers

The premier dessert for coffee houses is tiramisu. Espresso Tiramisu Ingredients: (Makes enough for 16 people) 12 shots of espresso 5 shots of Chocolate liqueur (ex: Godiva brand) 1/2 shot of Rum 2 shots of coffee liqueur (ex: Kahlua brand) 6 eggs 48 ladyfingers (usually 2 packages) 16 oz. of mascarpone cheese (usually 2 packages) […]

Making Coffee Soap

This tutorial shows you how to make coffee soap, which is a delightful gift to add to a coffee gift basket, and it’s one way to recycle some used coffee grounds. It’s not too hard, but making soap from scratch isn’t child’s play, either. Hard soap requires lye, which is a poisonous, caustic substance. The […]

Espresso Rum Balls

Rum balls are a holiday favorite and a box of them can make a wonderful gift. These rum balls are especially good because they are easy to assemble and they are less intoxicating than other recipes. This recipe makes about 45 rum balls. Espresso rum balls on the tray. Ingredients – For the Rum Balls […]