Iced Mint Mocha Recipe

So here is something a little different from my wonderful selection of coffee syrup recipes. This is a refreshing beverage, perfect for a hot day or if you fancy something a little different to your average cup of coffee. I discovered this fantastic creation after buying some chocolate mint syrup, and delving into my freezer […]

Lola’s Iced Chocolate Espresso

So here I am, back again with another syrup recipe I have conjured up over the summer months. My love for coffee syrups has grown and grown, and so has my bank of recipes. Here is one I thought you might enjoy. This is a personal favorite for a mid-morning pick-me-up. My early mornings are […]

Lola’s Cinnamon Syrup Iced Coffee

You know the feeling of waking up each morning from a sleepy haze, stumbling out of bed blurry eyed wishing it was a Saturday. You have to be at your desk in an hour. You know the drinks machine will sit humming in the background, trying to lull you into craving a cup of plastic […]