Coffee Price Economics

Coffee is an interesting thing. Aside from the aroma, flavor and allure of a good cup, understanding some things about coffee economics can be its own interesting lesson. If nothing else it (the stunning economics lesson to follow) will hopefully help you understand some of the things that help determine the price of the coffee […]

Coffee Cupping – A Sensory Experience

If you’ve tried freshly roasted coffee you probably have a decent idea how palate-pleasing it can be. But, how good is it really? Moving beyond the basic qualitative levels of judging a cup of coffee (good/not good) to a true critique of your coffee involves a process known cupping. Cupping is a systematic method used […]

Economic Benefits of Home Roasting

Financial Benefits The economics of coffee consumption are quite relevant to the home roasting industry. There is a direct relationship between the quality – perceived or real – of coffee and the amount consumed (people will drink more coffee if it tastes better). Because of perceived quality increases, many consumers have increased their visits to […]