Duck Breasts with Coffee Marinade (Roasted or Grilled)

This is a tasty recipe that combines both coffee and rum on a marinade not only suitable for duck, but for pork as well.  Planning ahead is required. Ingredients (4) 6 oz. Duck Breasts, cleaned and fat removed, scored Liquid Marinade: 12 oz darker roasted coffee 8 oz dark rum 6 oz spiced rum 1 handful Herbs, […]

Coffee Custard Sauce Recipe

Humble store-bought pound cake slathered with a coffee infused custard sauce turned out to be the base for a recent elegant dessert. A former work colleague rolls into town periodically, so dealing with time constraints, the sauce was constructed to give the dessert some sophistication. Homemade pound cake long proven as a base for a […]

Coffee Beef Stew Recipe

When it comes to COFFEE, especially any leftover nectar, I refuse to waste it. With a culinary degree under my belt, inspiration reigns supreme. I’ve found interesting uses for that dribble of dark stuff left-over in my brew-pot. To this day, I seldom throw out any leftover coffee. I usually pour it into a small […]