My Coffee Tis of Thee – America’s Patriotic Coffee History

It is not stretching the truth to say that coffee played an important role in the founding of this country. From its introduction to European culture, coffee had been considered synonymous with intellectual discourse. Because of the connection between coffee and politics, it is perhaps the most important drink for American history. Founding Fathers at […]

Cowboy Coffee: Arbuckles

With Comstock’s wild west heritage, we thought it only fitting to say a few words this month about Cowboy Coffee, and the brand that became synonymous with coffee ’round the campfire, Arbuckles. Cowboy coffee was not a brand, but a brewing method developed, naturally enough. by the roaming cowboys of the prairie out of necessity. […]

How You Brewin’?

Coffee lovers are snobs, to a point. Once the brewing is complete they can’t refuse a good cup of coffee. They will however argue endlessly as to what technique is best for getting to the cup. There are more brewing methods than we have time, or space, to discuss here. We favor French Press, but […]

Ground Rules for Grinding Coffee

Why bother to find the freshest roasted beans if you are just going to throw the flavor away at home? That’s what you are doing if you grind your beans well ahead of time. It is tempting. You have the beans and it only takes a few minutes to grind them all up into a […]

Before and After: The Coffee Flavoring Debate

Among the many variables that contribute to the taste of specialty coffees, flavorings are perhaps the most controversial. Many companies offer beans that have been pre-flavored – rendering many of the original attributes of the beans indistinguishable from the added flavors. When you purchase pre-flavored coffees you cannot be sure that, underneath it all, you […]

Pan Roasting Coffee

You can admit it here, we won’t laugh. You want to roast your own beans. There now, doesn’t that feel better? It’s not a crazy idea. Green beans are far less expensive than those roasted ahead of time and can be safely stored for up to two years without loss of flavor. By roasting your […]

Spicing It Up

We don’t usually advocate messing with a good thing, i.e. adding flavors to an already great tasting coffee. But occasionally, it is fun to try new things and some people actually prefer flavors in their coffee. Our advice to you is simply, do it properly so as to not ruin a perfectly good cup of […]