CB Miller

Small coffee roasters are perking up all over the country, recreating styles and blends which were nearly impossible to find just a few years ago. The quality of these blends remains unparalleled by those of the giant coffee companies. However, it is difficult to experience these wonderfully fresh roasted coffees because the roasters are scattered all over the country.

With Comstock’s wild west heritage, we thought it only fitting to say a few words this month about Cowboy Coffee, and the brand that became synonomous with coffee ’round the […]

How You Brewin'?

Coffee lovers are snobs, to a point. Once the brewing is complete they can’t refuse a good cup of coffee. They will however argue endlessly as to what technique is […]

Caffeine Nation

Futurists writing in the middle of the 20th Century often envisioned a world where privacy had been replaced by consumerism and the people were, with the government’s approval, medicated into […]

My Coffee Tis of Thee

It is not stretching the truth to say that coffee played an important role in the founding of this country. From its introduction to European culture, coffee had been considered […]

Pan Roasting Coffee

You can admit it here, we won’t laugh. You want to roast your own beans. There now, doesn’t that feel better? It’s not a crazy idea. Green beans are far […]

Earth Day and Coffee

April has come and gone, but let’s not forget Earth Day so soon. Earth Day represents the birth of the modern environmental movement. Your imagination is the only limit to […]