Alex Scofield

Alex Scofield is a freelance writer who lives in Cape Cod, Mass. He is a longtime writer and former editor and technical writer for INeedCoffee. He was Editor and Sports Editor of the Potomac Almanac newspaper covering Potomac, Md. from 2002 through 2007.

Although Alex no longer drinks coffee until 3 a.m. as he did in college, he starts each day with two giant servings of drip-pot coffee in his New England Patriots mug with the old-school logo.

coffee man 2

This article was written in December 2000, when the 2nd version of INeedCoffee was launched. INeedCoffee, like many websites, is considered by its creators to be a perpetual work in […]

Powdered crystal meth

What the Internet sorely needs these days is a paranoia-inducing urban myth. A year ago, one struck close to home for many coffee-drinking travelers. NBC affiliate TV stations in Memphis, […]

sketchtoon coffee calendar

Editor Note: This coffee profile was published in December 2008. An update on Mike’s book The Sketchnote Handbook was added in December 2012. When Mike Rohde was 5 years old, […]

Montreal Canadiens Statue

In many ways, Montreal feels like a European city in North America. French is the predominantly spoken language in town, although the cultural barrier for an English-speaking tourist is modest. […]