Candy, Flowers… and Coffee?

Coffee rarely seems to wind up on lists of aphrodisiac beverages, yet it seems to play a significant role in the love lives of many people. Although there is little written about the subject, it should come as no surprise that a beverage that is incorporated into many a daily ritual can leave its mark […]

Bad Bob Interview

This article was written in December 2000, when the 2nd version of INeedCoffee was launched. INeedCoffee, like many websites, is considered by its creators to be a perpetual work in progress. Change is a constant, and those of you who have visited for some time now have certainly noticed changes in content, functionality, and appearance. […]

Coffee Meth Myth?

What the Internet sorely needs these days is a paranoia-inducing urban myth. A year ago, one struck close to home for many coffee-drinking travelers. NBC affiliate TV stations in Memphis, Tenn. and Huntsville, Ala. ran nearly identical news stories in early 2007 that said hotel room coffee pots are sometimes used to make methamphetamine. The […]

Mike Rohde: Coffee Achiever

Editor Note: This coffee profile was published in December 2008. An update on Mike’s book The Sketchnote Handbook was added in December 2012. When Mike Rohde was 5 years old, he spilled hot coffee on himself at his grandmother’s house. It was an unlikely introduction to the beverage for the Wisconsin-based visual designer who created […]

Coffee on the Road – Montreal

In many ways, Montreal feels like a European city in North America. French is the predominantly spoken language in town, although the cultural barrier for an English-speaking tourist is modest. Many people here are at least bilingual, and meeting somebody who is trilingual is not in the least bit uncommon. The most comparable city in […]

Caffeinated Classics: Brave New World

Deep down inside, do each of us really yearn for some conflict, struggle, and sadness in our lives? What would be lost if we were to become permanently happy? This is what Aldous Huxley explores in Brave New World, the fifth-best novel of the 20th century, if you’re inclined to believe the Modern Library editorial […]

Home-Roasting Heretic: Happy Accidents

A royal screw-up led to my first major home-roasting success. Well, I should be more specific “the right kind” of screw-up led to success. My first few home-roasting endeavors (particularly the first) were chock-full of screw-ups, and none of them yielded great results. On my fourth or fifth attempt, however, despite thinking I had under-roasted […]