Building Your Own Coffee Roaster

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build your own stovetop coffee roaster. It will work very similar to the Whirley-Pop popcorn poppers, which can also be used to roast coffee.

Materials needed:

  1. a steel pot with an air hole on the cover
  2. French press
  3. coffee grinder handle and an aluminum plate.

Roaster setup
DIY Coffee Roaster Setup

Dismantle the handle from the boiler cover and take out the press bar and the adjusting screw parts from the French press.

dismantle handle
Dismantle Handle

Place the adjusting screw part of the French press into the hole of the cover of the boiler and fix the position.

fix position
Fix the position.

Now build your spin handle bar for the roaster.

  1. Handle bar taken from Coffee Grinder.
  2. Press bar of the French press.
  3. Cement clay.

Use these 3 materials to build your spin handle bar for the roaster.

Spin handle
Spin Handle

Cut the aluminum plate for the internal wiper inside the roaster. Make sure that on both sides, you have a height of 2.5-3cm so that the coffee beans can be evenly turned over while roasting. Also drill a hole on top of the aluminum plate for you to attach it to the spin handle bar.

Aluminum Plate
Aluminum Plate

When the whole thing is done, it should look like this and test it if you can turn the spin handle bar smoothly.

test Handle
Test the Handle

Now you are done and need to study how to control the heat and how to roast. You need a lot of experience to get use to your own home made roaster. Even after you get your coffee roasted, you need to let it rest for around 48-72 hours before testing the taste. So a lot of time is needed. The only thing that you could test just after roasting is checking that if the coffee bean is evenly roasted by taking one coffee bean and breaking it to check that the external color and internal color is same or not.

Finished DIY Roaster
Finished DIY Coffee Roaster

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