INeedCoffee is a project started by coffee fanatic Michael Allen Smith. The website was launched on April 4th 1999 and is based out of Seattle, Washington.

The goal of INeedCoffee is to not only celebrate excellent coffee, but to empower the coffee fan to make better coffee at home. This site hosts many tutorials related to coffee brewing and home coffee roasting.

INeedCoffee is self financed. If you would like to help, check out our Support INeedCoffee page. Your help is appreciated.

Subscription Options

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The first icon is for RSS. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a protocol for subscribing to websites and then being alerted when new content is published. To subscribe to a feed, first you need an RSS reader, such as Feedly.

Shortly after a new article goes live on INeedCoffee, we send out a Tweet with a direct link to that article on Twitter.

We also have a page on Google+ and Facebook where we will announce new content. Facebook is hiding over 90% of our post announcements, so we don’t recommend it as a primary way to subscribe to new content. At some point we may phase out the page.

And we are experimenting with Pinterest.

Finally, we have a newsletter option. About once a month we will send out a newsletter highlighting INeedCoffee content.

Review Policy

INeedCoffee does NOT review coffee. Coffee reviews are boring. Most of the coffee reviews you see online are glorified payola. The blogger gets free coffee and the roaster gets free publicity. There is a bias to write overly positive reviews in order for the blogger to continue receiving free coffee from other roasters. INeedCoffee doesn’t play that game. If you are looking for quality roasters, visit the site Coffee Review for leads.

INeedCoffee does review coffee equipment. Unlike traditional reviews, we try and focus on creating a brewing tutorial for users first and foremost. Our goal is not only to assist coffee consumers with purchasing decisions, but to help those coffee drinkers that have already purchased the item by anticipating their questions and issues. Although we specialize in reviewing equipment for the average home user, we can also review high end coffee equipment.

We will fully disclose whenever we receive product in exchange for a review. If a brewing tutorial or review does not have a disclosure then that product was acquired by us and not given to us.

Anything we review must also be available for consumers to purchase, preferably through our affiliate partner Amazon.com. Items that are not yet available to consumers, but will be soon are fine.

Advertising Policy

At this time INeedCoffee does not accept advertising. Our revenue comes from Amazon, Google AdSense and hand selected affiliates.

Contact Info

Before you contact INeedCoffee, here is a list of emails that we don’t want to receive. These emails will all be marked as SPAM and deleted.

  1. Anyone pimping SEO or SEM services.
  2. Press releases
  3. Kickstarter or other crowd funded projects (99% are worthless)
  4. Professional content writers outside the coffee industry.
  5. Writers offering reprints. This includes all infographics and videos.
  6. Advertisers.
  7. People asking for quotes on coffee or coffee equipment. (we don’t sell anything)
  8. If you ask us to run a contest on your behalf.
  9. Vague emails that require us to ask for clarification on the offer.

Everyone else is welcome to contact INeedCoffee via the email address below. If you are in the coffee industry and you are looking to leverage our audience for your benefit, ask yourself what value you can offer to us first. We need quality content and photos.


For more details on submitting work to INeedCoffee, please read our Contribute Policy.

For questions about specific coffee gear, we encourage you to start your research on the Consumer Review section of CoffeeGeek.